Motivational Series for Kids

Summer challenge 2


Hey, are you looking to do something fun this summer?  Use social media, get some great prizes and learn some fun new things with me, Alex Freeman. 

Every summer I do something super create a new song…

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What do you feed your self?

My mom always tells me, "What you put in is what comes out." 

When I am not super inspired I check what am I feeding my soul?

Phineas and Ferb?


Then I realize that…

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Af cosmetics

Best Cosmetics for Kids

Did you know that 50% of kids cosmetics  contain heavy metals?
Or that adults makeup is better for kids?

If you what to know more about what is good for your kids check out PRETTY SCARY by the Breast

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Give Complements

When somebody looks nice or does something great be sure to complement them. 

We should use our voice to help inspire a little sparkle in everyone we meet. 

We need to appreciate someone’s strengths, and say something encouraging…

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Dreams and Goals


 The difference between Dreams and Goals and why both are important : 

My Parents always say "Everything ever created was first an idea or dream."  Like this chair or the clothes I'm wearing or the house you…

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Choose Kindness

Think before you speak 

Stop and think before you speak or … blurt something out that you shouldn't. 

This will help you to say the right things more often and avoid having to apologize or… say I'm sorry…

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Become a Problem Solver

This video series for kids by motivational speaker, Alex Freeman will help you live with greatness. 
This week we are learning about problem solving. 
Lots of kids and adults make excuses for why they can't do things, or why…

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This video series for kids by motivational speaker, Alex Freeman. This week we are learning about Forgiveness. 
If somebody does something bad to you try to forgive them. This is not always the easiest thing to do, but forgiveness is…

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I'm Sorry

Say, "I'm sorry" 
If you do something that you shouldn't don't be afraid to say, "I'm sorry"or write a little card or note expressing that you are sorry. Remember everybody has feelings even if they pretend that they don't…

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Inner Sparkle

Today's message is let your inner sparkle shine. 
What is your inner sparkle? 
It's your gift, your talent! 
The thing that you're good at, 
The things that you love to do that are God given gifts. 
As the all American…

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I have been singing and dancing my whole life.  I have been dreaming about being a performer every single night.  I believe dreams come true, only if you work to make them happen.  I know if you have the vision and work ethic anything can happen.  My goal is to spread the message to all kids, DREAM BIG and work hard to always be your best.  Have clear goals and focus on moving toward them everyday! :) XOXO