500 Subscribers


I am so thankful, so appreciative, and so excited to announce that we have made it to 500 subscribers on YouTube! 

I look up and admire so many YouTubers because it is kids just like me that believed in their own #BeautifulSelf to create a platform.

They took their passion and made it something without the help of anyone but their own imagination and desire to be great! 

I use YouTube as a place to display my music videos, my vlogs, and my songwriting. I have a passion to share my knowledge with the world.

I want all kids to know that they can follow their dreams regardless of their age.

I even want grown ups to understand that they can do it, too! 

That no matter what, you can accomplish all you have set out to.

I want you to know that this gives me 500 more reasons to be happy.

500 more things to be grateful for.

500 more reasons to be a role model.

2020 has things in store for #AlexFreeman which means it has things in store for all of you along the way.

This is our journey together! 


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