I Am What I Make Up

I love being in New York! 

It is definitely the city of lights and it helps me to visualize my dreams with even more clarity! 

While I was in New York, I visited the most amazing brand new center in Times Square for Cover Girl.

I love being a cover girl! It makes me think of the time I really WAS a covergirl, and I made my dream come true by covering Role Model Magazine! 

Cover Girl is in the middle of rebranding and reinventing themselves, which is something I think everyone should do all the time, and their new slogan, "I AM WHAT I MAKE UP" just inspired me so much 

We ARE what we make up all of the time! 

The story we tell about ourselves is TOTALLY real! 

When I told myself I was a covergirl, I BECAME A COVER GIRL! 

Who I told myself I was a singer, I BECAME A SINGER! 

I teach this to kids all the time when I speak at schools or when I host Vision Board parties, that literally, whatever you decide to "make up" in your head about yourself is really who you become! 

We make up things all the time about ourselves that is not true, like that we are fat, or ugly, or not good enough.

Why not use that energy to focus on what we want to be? On who we know we truly are? 

I use UPGRADE everyday, from my parents Freeman Formula line to help with my focus, and when I sit down and write down my goals for the day, I always make up exactly who I want to be and with that focus, I really am able to creatively inspire myself to be the role model I know that everyone needs.

CoverGirl in Times Square- thank you for inspiring me not only to be creative with your amazing make up products- but for inspiring me to make the best life ever! 

I love being a Cover Girl! 


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