Inner Sparkle

Today's message is let your inner sparkle shine. 
What is your inner sparkle? 
It's your gift, your talent! 
The thing that you're good at, 
The things that you love to do that are God given gifts. 
As the all American author Henry VanDyke said - 
"Genius is your talent set on fire by courage." 

It's our job to cultivate and grow our gifts and talents AKA INNER SPARKLE, so that we get better at the things we are already good at. 
Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to sing dance and act. When I'm doing these things I feel alive and full of happiness and joy and so I continually work hard to try to be better at these things and practice every day. 
we should always encourage others to cultivate their talents and gifts and share them. 
I know sometimes we're afraid to show other people the things we love or are good at . 

We should share our gifts with each other and let our inner sparkle shine. 

I know it's in there, let it out and show the world how extraordinary you are! 
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Live your dreams~

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