Hey, are you looking to do something fun this summer?  Use social media, get some great prizes and learn some fun new things with me, Alex Freeman. 

Every summer I do something super big...like create a new song that can be found on every musical outlet, or play a part in a movie, or go on my own concert tour, or create my own products that are carried in stores all over the country!  

See while most kids are laying around watching tv, playing video games or sleeping I am rocking my best summer by doing things most kids can't. Did you ever hear the saying....  "Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't”. 

I have huge goals and I intend on achieving every one of them.  

Do you have big goals but have no idea how to get to them?  Want to be the best soccer player in the world, an Olympic record holder?  A prima ballerina, a huge you tuber, a  movie star, a top computer programmer, the best video game maker on the planet? 

 If you have big goals then this challenge is for you.  Join me as I challenge you to do some fun things and earn prizes.  Are you in?  Are you ready? Enroll here and follow my Instagram @alexfreemanrocks  to see the challenges.  Ask your mom or dad if you need help.  When you join drop me a comment on Instagram, so I can know your in.  Let's do this!!!!

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