It is Monday! 

It is my favorite day of the week! 

Most people, especially most kids, may disagree with me! 

And not for any really good reason! 

We are taught a lot of times because our moms and dads might say they "hate Mondays" that we should, too! 

Luckily, my mom and dad love Mondays and love even job and since I was just starting school I learned that it was such a fun thing.

Mondays are fun because they're a new day, a new week, and a new chance!

Everything is open on Monday and working on Monday and people are there for you- it is a day of celebration! 

A day to be excited for a new week of new chances and new opportunities! 

A clean slate to have even more fun! 

Mondays are great days, even my favorite day because it symbolizes things that are new! 

New and shiny and exciting! 

I totally love Mondays and around my house we like to call them "Mindset Mondays" because they are the perfect day to focus on your actual mindset and to put into practice feeling good when maybe people around you are feeling bad. 

Positive energy attracts good energy so you can use today to inspire your friends and family also to love Mondays!
What is something you can start today?

What is something you can be happy about today?

What is something you can look forward to today?

Comment below and let's talk about Mondays! 

XOXO Alex 


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