The Secret Ingredient To Life & Cupcakes

Good morning! Happy Thursday! 

Are you making today count? 

I know you are! 

Yesterday was a busy day for me! 

I was able to get so much work done for home schooling (and even get a little ahead!) 

I learned how to record on Garage Band and took some classes on YouTube. 

On top of it all, I was able to bake cupcakes! From scratch! 

I made pink and blue iced vanilla cupcakes and yes, even the icing was made from scratch! 

This was so fun for me and really gave me a lot to think about.

I just really, really love to create and make things.

Whether it is a song, a painting, or a batch of cupcakes, creating just brings out all the most excited parts of me! 

I am sure most people have heard of the expression "cooking with love" or doing something with love, and it sounds like just something nice that grandmas say, but then my mom and dad really taught me what it meant, and actually proved it was true! 

When my mom and dad were creating Project 42, their mind, body, and spirit program at the gym, my they had my sisters and I help them with an experiment.

My dad had three cups of cooked rice, only they were not for eating.

One cup of rice he wrote the word "love."

One cup of rice he wrote the word "hate." 

One cup of rice, he didn't do anything to it.

He told us everyday for thirty days, whenever we passed the cup of love rice, to tell it we loved it.

He told us whenever we passed the cup of hate rice, to tell it we hated it.

He told us whenever we passed up the cup that was blank, to just ignore it.

Sounds kind of fun, right? 

So we did it! (This whole video is on my family's YouTube so you can watch it!!) 

​​​​​​​And at the end of thirty days, what I saw was SO cool! 

The "love" rice that we cared for was still white and fluffy and good to eat! 

The "hate" rice was brown and moldy and so gross! 

The ignored rice was not as gross as the hated rice, but still not good enough to eat.

My parents taught me how powerful our thoughts are, and how they release chemicals in our brains that make things better or worst.

​​​​​​​THIS is what it means when you cook or do anything with love.

​​​​​​​When you are happy or excited about it, guess what? Things come out better! 

When you are really loving what you are doing and truly focused, it comes out better and even tastes better- in the case of my cupcakes!

So try it! When you make something or do something or try something new, try to be really excited and happy about it. Really LOVE what you are doing and see if it makes a difference! 

I hope you know that the secret ingredient to life is LOVE and I LOVE learning this with you!! 

Now here is the recipe I used for my cupcakes:

PS Don't forget the love!


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