Weekend Warrior: Taking Control Of Your Weekend

Happy Saturday! 

Kids. Love. The. Weekend.

Moms. Love. The. Weekend.

Dads. Love. The. Weekend.


Everyone loves the weekend!

And I am no different! 

BUT! I do look at my weekend a little differently than most kids and that's what we are here to talk about today.

The weekends are the best time to work on our goals because usually we don't have school! 

I don't mean "working" in a boring or un-fun way- but instead a totally great way to be creative and make the most out of it! 

We can do almost anything we want on the weekend and I like to use that as an opportunity.

If your goal is to be a better reader- find the best book that you really love at the library and read it in your most favorite place! 

If your goal is to be a better artist, instead of watching other kids draw on YouTube, watch a tutorial and begin practicing with them! 

If your goal is to be a better soccer player, find a really fun drill on YouTube you have never tried before and get outside and practice! 

Sometimes we forget that instead of watching cartoons, we can draw our own.

If we love movies, we can practice writing our own! 

​​​​​​​It is so fun to be creative and so inspiring to do something great! 

We can be or do or have anything we want! 

On the weekends I love to practice my singing and dancing and include my twin sisters in on the fun. We get to spend time together and listening to them sing along to my songs is one of the greatest feelings! 

I also get a built in audience with my biggest VIP fans! 

It's great! 

Goal setting isn't hard work it's FUN! It's exciting! It's inspiring! 

Let me know what your goals are and I would love to help give you ideas for how to practice them- especially on the weekends! 


​​​​​​​XOXO- ALEX 

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