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I have been writing songs since before I could actually write. :) I had beautiful notebooks with very specific scribble that I wrote in every day.  I told everyone that those were my songs. 

Well, not too much has changed since then.  I still have beautiful notebooks with barely legible scribble that are my songs today!! 

I’m Alex-

If this is your first time here…

hey,  nice to meet you. 

I am happy to get to know you.  I am 13 yrs old 

a singer, songwriter and an entrepreneur.

If you’d like to chat just text me, or follow me on my socials. 

@alexfreemanrocks on Instagram,

MissAlexFreeman on YouTube, or

AlexFreemanofficial on TikTok, 

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I have been performing since I was 5 years old and have never stopped. 

I have performed for huge audiences over 14,000 people opening for kids bop as well as super small local audiences.  I have been on tv, interviewed by radio DJ's as well as been on the cover of Role Model Magazine.   

I am always working on new music.  I have written tons of songs and have been co-writing with some really amazing songwriters.   I have also been very blessed to work with some grammy award-winning producers on my latest projects which I can’t wait to share with you. 

One of the latest projects I have been working on is shooting new music videos.  It is really important to me to bring you some cool new things. 

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 I have put one of my songs, Clap.back that I recorded when I was 10 for you on the music player on this page.  I never released this song, it's here for you only!!

I hope you enjoy xoxo~Alex

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This 👇🏻  is a docuseries I started to work on if you like it and want more email me and let me know.  I have some really cool experiences and tons of learning that I can share with you if you are interested. 😘