Dreams and Goals


 The difference between Dreams and Goals and why both are important : 

My Parents always say "Everything ever created was first an idea or dream."  Like this chair or the clothes I'm wearing or the house you live in, and everything you see. 

So what is the difference between a dream and a goal? 

Dreams are created in your imagination. 

Dreams are hopes and wishes that are far, far away with no results. 

Dreams need sleep, wishes, imagination and creativity. 

Dreams are the idea of who you will be,  what you want to have, and  what you want to do. 

Dreams are the things in our MIND we want and wish for, that help to create Goals. 

Goals are created in a reality and always require work. 

Goals are often made from dreams that you take action on. 

Goals are action steps or the plan that you make towards making your dreams come true. 

Goals have deadlines or a timeline of steps that produce results.

In order to make a dream come true take these steps: 

Turn your dream into a goal by taking the dream out of your mind and writing it on paper. 
Set a date for you to work toward to accomplish it by. 
Write down all the things that you know you can do NOW to move closer to ACHIEVING your goal. 
Do those things now! 
Every day repeat these steps and work hard everyday  to move closer to achieving your goal and making your dreams come true. 

I believe all your dreams can come true with proper goal setting, planning,  action steps and work!! 

Big dreams = 

Big goals = 

Big Work = 

Big achievement

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