Why Are Wednesdays Special?

Good morning! 

Happy Wednesday! 

It is Wednesday! 

"Hump Day!"

The Middle Of The Week!

Not as serious as Monday and not as fun as Friday.

It's not as relaxing as the weekend.

It's just right there stuck in the middle.

No one really pays it much attention, and it isn't really "special" to anyone.

​​​​​​​I could not disagree more! 

To me, it is the same thing like goals.

The beginning, or the "Monday" can be really exciting.

It is a new place and a new start. 

When you accomplish a goal, it is even MORE exciting! 

But in the middle when we have accomplished some but not all, when we have still a little while to go, 

we can let it get us down.

We can start to lose motivation.

We can start to forget how far we have come.

We can start to forget how close we are! 

I honor the middle!

I love the middle!

​​​​​​​I think the middle is fun! 

​​​​​​​It is not where I was, and it is not where I am going! 

It is open and exciting!

Instead of being bored with it, or even worst irritated or scared by it, we should become appreciative of it! 

The middle is the best part in a lot of things! 

The middle of a song is the chorus!

The middle of an Oreo is the cream filling! 

Remember to enjoy the middle! 

Happy Wednesday!! 

XOXO Alex!  



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